Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 1997

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Nizamettin Ariç | Composer / Filmmaker

Nizamettin Ariç © Privat
Nizamettin Ariç © Privat
born in Ağrı/Turkey

Nizamettin Ariç is a Kurdish singer and film director. He was raised in Turkey, and later forced to flee the country after the military coup in 1980. He was granted political asylum 1984 in Germany. He currently lives in Berlin.

His first albums were produced under the pseudonym Feqiyê Teyra. He also set poems by Cigerxwi to music. Ariç plays the end-blown flute nay; the smaller shepherd’s flute bilûr; short oboe mey, the conical oboe zurna; the two long-necked lutes tanbur and çumbuş, as well as the drum dahol and the tambourine tef.

His 1980 feature film A Song for Beko, produced in Germany, has been listed in film encyclopedias as the first Kurdish language film in cinema history.