Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 1998

Jul, Aug, Sep

Christel Buschmann | Author / Director / Producer

Christel Buschmann, born in 1942 in Wismar, studied German studies and Romance studies in Hamburg and Munich. She works as a literary and cultural critic for radio, television and print media. She has also written literary reviews for ZEIT newspaper.

Since 1975, Bushmann, has been working as a screenwriter, director and producer of feature films. She writes for Spiegel TV and produces music videos. She is a guest lecturer at the DFFB Berlin, the University of Kassel, Filmschule Bozen and the HFF Munich. She was in the selection jury for the competition of the Berlin Film Festival from 1997-2001.

From 2001-2002, she was a delegate for the German Film/Venice Film Festival and from 2005 for the German Film/Montreal New Film Festival.