Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2001

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Michael Lentz | Writer

Michael Lentz © Jörg Steinmetz
Michael Lentz © Jörg Steinmetz
born in Dueren

Michael Lentz is a writer, performer, saxophonist, composer, editor, promoter and university lecturer. After studying German studies, history and philosophy in Aachen and Munich, he earned his PhD in 1998 with a thesis on sound poetry and music post-1945.

Lentz studied with composer Josef Anton Riedl and has been a member of his ensemble since 1989. He was curator of the event series “SOUNDBOX: Akustische Kunst” in Salzburg, Munich and Berlin and works on acoustic literature, sound poetry, improvised music and experimental film. He has collaborated with Axel Kühn on music projects and stage shows with Uli Winters. He writes novels, short stories, plays, radio plays, poetry, and sketches.

Lentz is editor of book series including “Klangzeichen.” In 2002, he founded the group “Sprechakte X/treme” which combines literature with music of various genres. He was the president of the Freie Akademie der Künste zu Leipzig, and curates their series “Projektionen. Poesie und Film.” The author and musician has received numerous awards and is professor of creative writing at the Deutsches Literaturinstitut of the University of Leipzig. In 2008, he was professor of poetics in Wiesbaden. He lives in Berlin and Leipzig.