Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2012

Jan, Feb, Mar

Alexej Meschtschanow | Artist

Alexej Meschtschanow
Alexej Meschtschanow
Master of Fine Arts at the HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
lives and works in Berlin

Visual artist Alexej Meschtschanow lives and works in Berlin. He studied at the HGB Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, where he received his Master of Fine Arts in 2005. Meschtschanow's work is based on precise, compassionate observation of social habits and traditions; however, the study of his direct living environment is just as important to his work as dealing with the "dazzling products of the fine arts".

During his stay at Villa Aurora, Alexej Meschtschanow will work on a project named "The Locust Revisited", in reference to Nathanael West's novel The Day of the Locust. He is planning to create a photographic collection of historical portrays of people, whose dream of making it in Hollywood was only realized in parts.