Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2003

Oct, Nov, Dec

John Burgan | Filmmaker

John Burgan
John Burgan
Born in London
1989 – 1992
Studied at National Film & TV School, UK
1992 – 2006
Based in Berlin as writer, director, editor
Villa Aurora, Los Angeles
2006 – 2008
Documentary tutor, European Film College, Denmark
Returned to United Kingdom
Since 2010
Head of Documentary, Newport Film School, Wales

Born in London in 1962. Read English Language & Literature at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1981-84, then worked as an picture editor at the BBC before studies at the National Film & TV School 1989-92. Nominated for the Student Award accompanying Lord Richard Attenborough's 1992 Shakespeare Prize (Stiftung FVS, Hamburg). Fellow of the Nipkow Programme, Berlin 1992-93; Lecturer in Film at the University of the Arts, Berlin 1996-2001.  Artist-in-residence, Villa Aurora, Los Angeles Autumn 2003. Based in Berlin as a writer, director and editor of documentaries between 1992 - 2006. Head of documentary, European Film College in Denmark. Currently Programme Leader, Documentary Film & TV, Newport Film School, Wales/UK. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Films as writer/director include POWER & PLACE (2009), FRIENDLY ENEMY ALIEN (2006), BEHIND WORDS (2005), MEMORY OF BERLIN (1998), CHEKHOV'S CLOSE-UPS (1994). Currently developing BORON MON AMOUR (2013)