Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2004

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Antje Rávic Strubel | Writer

Antje Ravic Strubel | © Marko Lipus
Antje Ravic Strubel | © Marko Lipus
born in Potsdam
1997 – 2001
studies Literature, American Studies and Psychology in Potsdam and New York
2003-04 and 2010-11
Lecturer at the German Literature Institute, Leipzig

Antje Rávic Strubel currently lives and works as a writer in Potsdam. Her novels include Snowed Under; Fremd Gehen. Ein Nachtstück, and Tupolew 134. Her novel Kältere Schichten der Luft (2007) won the Hermann Hesse Preis, Rheingau Literatur Prize, and was shortlisted for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize. Her most recent novel, Sturz der Tage in die Nacht (2011), was nominated for the German Book Prize.

Strubel is also author of the travel essay books Gebrauchsanweisung für Schweden and the Gebrauchsanweisung für Potsdam und Brandenburg. She has translated numerous works by Joan Didion into German and the short stories of Lucia Berlin. She was writer-in-residence at the Deutsches Haus NYU and at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies in Finland.