Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2007

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Mary Ayubi | Feuchtwanger Fellow

Mary Ayubi © Outi Pyhaeranta
Mary Ayubi © Outi Pyhaeranta

Mary Ayubi was one of ten Afghan camera women trained by AINA, a French NGO. During her training, Ayubi studied medicine at the University of Kabul, but was forced to quit due to sexual discrimination. She trained as a video journalist and worked on the film Afghanistan Unveiled, a critically acclaimed documentary film which was the first film ever that was made by, and was about, Afghan women.

Mary Ayubi has worked as a journalist for international news agencies and as a radio host. Mary Ayubi directed Shadows, the autobiographical story of a young video journalist who investigates the rights of women in Afghanistan. Shadows was selected in 2010 for the “National Geographic All Roads Film Project.” Because of her participation in the film, Mary Ayubi faced death threats and was forced to leave the country.