Events | "Artivism"- Round Table Discussion with Nikita Dhawan, María do Mar Castro Varela, Nehemiah Dixon III, Reginald Douglas, Maria Goyanes, Renee Harrison, Maria del Carmen Montoya.

Goethe-Institut Washington | October 11, 2023

As part of their 2023 Thomas Mann Fellowships, scholars Nikita Dhawan and María do Mar Castro Varela will visit the east coast for several lectures and discussions with partners in the U.S. Join the Goethe-Institut Washington, on October 11th at 6 PM, for a thought-provoking round table discussion on the intersection of art and activism. In a world marked by various crises and social injustices, it is crucial to explore the evolving role of art in addressing these challenges. This event brings together esteemed panelists from diverse backgrounds to engage in a stimulating dialogue about the political mandate of art and the transformative potential of artivism.

In these tumultuous times, it becomes imperative to reassess the role that art plays in our society. This discussion will explore questions such as: How can art address the pressing issues of social injustice? Can critical artistic practices promote transnational justice, democracy, human rights, and environmental justice? Should art maintain its non-purposive nature, as advocated by philosophers like Kant and Adorno? Given that art exists within structures of capitalism and colonialism, how can it navigate its ambivalent position? Can the imaginative power of art be harnessed to challenge imperialist, racist, orientalist, and heteronormative structures? Furthermore, how can artivism inspire us to envision a more inclusive and just planetary future?

Don't miss this opportunity to engage in a profound exploration of art's role in shaping our world. Reserve your spot today, and be part of the conversation that could redefine the political mandate of art in our society.

Afterward, you're invited to continue the conversation during a reception, where you can enjoy refreshments and network with fellow attendees.

The Round Table Discussion will be moderated by Mia Matthias.


María do Mar Castro Varela studied psychology and pedagogy at the University of Cologne and earned her doctorate in political science at the Justus Liebig University Giessen. She is a professor of general education and social work with a focus on gender and queer at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Science in Berlin. Her research focus on social justice, digital hate and conspiracy theories, and issues of emancipation.


Nikita Dhawan studied German Studies, Philosophy und Gender Studies at Mumbai University and Ruhr-University Bochum. She holds the Chair in Political Theory and History of Ideas at the Technical University Dresden. Her research and teaching focuses on global justice, human rights, democracy and decolonization.



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