Berlin | January 18, 2014 | 6:00 PM

Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
Markgrafenstraße 38, 10117 Berlin
Säulensaal - 2nd Floor

Six Villa Aurora fellows present their works and visions of the future of Europe as part of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences annual theme “Zukunftsort: EUROPA”.

Villa Aurora and the BBAW have been working together closely for many years, the cooperation goes beyond the fact that the Villa Aurora Forum have their offices within the BBAW in Berlin. The annual theme of the BBAW gives the fellows of the Villa Aurora a perfect chance to be active in the debate about the direction in which Europe is moving.

Europe is too important as a cultural and economic landscape for it to be left in a spiral of surfeit, skepticism and a matter of course decision making. The BBAW would like to make a mark on the public debate by organizing the Salon Sophie Charlotte - thereby not only referring to the historical debate, but also adding different voices to the current dialogue about the future visions for Europe.

The Villa Aurora fellows Veronika Kellndorfer, Anna Faroqhi, Norbert Zähringer, Valeska Peschke, Antje Vowinckel, Franz Martin Olbrisch with their guests and partners have used different media, different formats to add their voices to this debate.


18:45 - Welcome & Introduction: Annette Rupp &  Wolgang Siano

19:00 - Baustelle Europa, eine Zeitreise / Building site Europe – a Journey through Time
Sound and Video Installation
by Veronika Kellndorfer & Thomas Schulz

19:30 - Verborgene Stimmen / Hidden Voices - 15 Video Portraits (with English subtitles)
Video Installation
by Anna Faroqhi & Haim Peretz

20:15 - Bis zum Ende der Welt / To the end of the world
with Norbert Zähringer

20:45 - Die Botschaft von Amikejo / The Embassy of Amejiko
Interactive Performance
by Valeska Peschke with Robert Menasse & Ulrike Guérot

21:30 - Terra Prosodia
Audio presentation of sound compositions using European dialects which are on the verge of extinction
by Antje Vowinckel

22:00 - Palinsesto
Sound Installation
by Franz Martin Olbrisch

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