Berlin | March 21, 2020 | 4:00 PM – 11:59 PM

This event was canceled due to the ongoing spread of coronavirus.

In its almost 25 years, more than 100 filmmakers have lived and worked at Villa Aurora. With the "Villa Aurora Movie Nights", we will be celebrating this long and ever growing line of wonderful filmmakers. In irregular intervals, we will present old and new films by our alumni and discuss them with our Alumni and other guests.

The movie night will kick off with Wolfgang Fischer’s and Ika Künzel’s "Styx". Together with a civilian sea rescue representative, they will talk about the moral issue of the situation in the Mediterranean. With her film about Pepe Mujica, “the poorest president in the world”, who donated most of his salary to social causes, Heidi Specogna poses the question of political utopias and alternative leadership. And finally, for Jakob Lass' film "Love Steaks", the audience will receive massages and vodka to tune them in on the basic topic of the movie and a human necessity: love!


4-6 p.m: Styx (Feature Film, Germany 2018, 95 min) and Talk

© Zorro Film

Rike (SUSANNE WOLF) is an emergency doctor in Cologne. During her holidays , she travels to Gibraltar to go on tour with her single-handed sailor. On the high seas, she gets into a heavy storm. The force of nature challenges her, but she and her boat survive the storm unscathed. When she wakes up from her exhaustion, she notices another boat. She hears cries for help. It is a large fishing boat that has been badly damaged and is overloaded with refugees. Rike calls for help by radiophone.

Wolfgang Fischer studied Psychology and Fine Arts at the University of Vienna, followed by Film Studies at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf and at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. His latest films are "Was Du nicht Siehst" (What you don't see) (2011) and "Styx" (2018), which premiered at the Berlinale 2018 and has won several awards, including the Heiner Carow Prize, the Austrian Film Prize and the German Film Prize.



6.30-8.30 p.m: Pepe Mujica – Der Präsident (Feature Doc., Germany 2014, 94 min) and Talk

© Piffl Medien

Pepe Mujica has gained a reputation as "the poorest president in the world". The former guerrilla and flower grower is considered one of the most charismatic political figures in Latin America. His modest lifestyle and unconventional appearance in political protocol make him credible for young and old, in Uruguay and internationally - not only because he gets by on 10 percent of his presidential salary and donates the rest to projects and NGOs.

Heidi Specogna lives in Berlin. She studied at the DFFB from 1982-1987. Her most important films are: "Tania La Guerrillera", "Tupamaros", "The Short Life of José Antonio Gutierrez", "Carte Blanche", "The Ship of the Goalkeeper" and "Pepe Mujica - The President". Her film "Cahier Africain" won, among others, the Swiss Film Prize and the German Film Prize as Best Documentary Film 2017.



9.15-11.15 p.m: Love Steaks (Feature Film, Germany 2013, 89 min) and Talk

© Timon Schäppi /HFF Potsdam

Clemens (FRANZ ROGOWSKI) is shy, polite and has just finished his training as a masseur. At his first job in the spa of a luxury hotel on the Baltic Sea, he bumps into the quick-witted Lara (LANA COOPER) in the elevator, who can't stand him at first. She organizes her hard everyday life as a trainee in the hotel kitchen according to her own rules. She massages steaks and wants fun. He massages love handles and loves peace and quiet. He does not join in on her crazy actions. But then there's a big bang between this unequal couple, they fall in love completely, unrestrained, wildly determined to find a place in each other's lives.

Jakob Lass lives in Berlin. He studied at the Film University Babelsberg. He directed four films: "Frontalwatte", "Love Steaks", "Tiger Girl" and "Sowas von da". In 2013, LOVE STEAKS won the Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino in all four categories at the Munich Film Festival and was awarded the Max Ophüls Prize in 2014 and nominated for the German Film Prize.


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