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Los Angeles | August 16, 2018 | 7:30 PM

Visual Artist
Still from DEATH COACHES LLC 2017 | © Vika Kirchenbauer, Mysti and VG Bild Kunst


Vika Kirchenbauer - visual artist, writer and music producer based in Berlin - will give a short introduction into her interdisciplinary method. Focusing on the political frictions between sound, moving image and performance, she will talk about the role of research and context in her work.

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Visual Artist
nstallation view DIVE 2018 Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Germany | © Tamara Lorenz


Stef Heidhues: "I regard my works as spatial images, as stage sets for a not (yet) written, not (yet) lived or experienced but potential narration. Thus, they create what I describe as tension fields: resonating spaces which arise out of the encounter of visually experiencable situations that can be experienced visually and read individually by their viewers."

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Hanno Leichtmann


Berlin based Hanno Leichtmann, electronic music producer, sound artist and curator will give insight to his various projects as well as to his current work in progress here in LA, a multichannel sound installation for the German dance company Sasha Waltz and guest.

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Visual Artist
Show at Max Mayer


Sarah Kürten's art is based on language. The author and artist creates conceptual texts, which she transforms into theater- and audio plays, large prints, installations and artists books. Thus her oeuvre meanders between performative expression, installation and narration. Her obvious interest in typography, graphic design, and text-image create the illusion of visual poetry. Kürten writes all of her texts herself, mostly in English. Many of them evolve from personal experience and situations, regarding architectural and institutional contexts.

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Visual Artist
MISS RECEPTION at work in the garage of Villa Aurora | © Sabine Reinfeld 2018


Excerpt of a Performance FRAU BERLIN FRAMED (multimedia performance with i-pad camera, waterproof interior moulding frame, tripod easel with canvas, neoprene catsuit , 2 projectors, performer)

In the 2 large-format projection images, reflective intersections and performative actions arise between physical action and pictorial representation. Between staging and reality, between intentionality and medium, between image and space, my body confronts, acts, mediates. An attempt to demonstrate how the urgency and atmosphere of physical gestures can only produce meaning in close entanglement with their multiple media avatars. Between failure and appropriation, I try to choreograph a field of tension live and in projection.

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Villa Aurora, 520 Paseo Miramar, Los Angeles, CA 90272  
Admission is free
RSVP mandatory via 310.454-4231 or

Street Parking is available on Los Liones Drive. Shuttle service starts at 6:30 pm from Los Liones Drive, off Sunset Boulevard two blocks North East of Pacific Coast Highway. Please do not park on the Topanga State Park Lot!

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