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Berlin/Los Angeles, September 8th, 2022Expert-juries selected Villa Aurora fellows for 2023. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the previous fellowship stays were postponed for 2023.


In the Literature section, Lukas Rietzschel ("Mit der Faust in die Welt schlagen," 2018; "Raumfahrer," 2021) and Paula Fürstenberg ("Familie der geflügelten Tiger," 2016; "Check your Habitus," 2021) were selected for 2023.

The literary jury included Florian Höllerer (Literarisches Colloquium Berlin), Tanja Graf (Literaturhaus München), Christiane Lange (Haus für Poesie), Ijoma Mangold (Die Zeit) and Stefanie Stegman (Literaturhaus Stuttgart).


In the Film section, Florian Baron ("Stress," 2018) and Sandra Wollner ("The Trouble with Being Born," 2020) as well as Ines Johnson-Spain ("Becoming Black," 2020) were selected. In addition, the jury decided to award the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg-funded scholarship to Faraz Shariat and Paulina Lorenz ("Futur 3," 2020).

The film jury consisted of Veronika Grob (Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg), Nicole Kaufmann (German Films), Cosima Lutz (freelance journalist), Ekkehard Knörer (Cargo, Merkur) and Mariette Rissenbeek (Berlinale).

Composition / Music

In the Composition/Music section, Emre Dündar ("Vagabond III, for Flute, Accordion and Cello," 2021), Cathy Milliken ("A Desperate Adventure and Courage and a Clock," 2021), Anna Korsun ("Марево for Singing Ensemble," 2020) and Sergey Khismatov ("Rotonda," 2022) were selected for a double grant.

The music jury consisted of Dahlia Borsche (DAAD Artists' Program), Julia Gerlach (Academy of Arts), Michael Rebhahn (music publicist), Kirsten Reese (composer and former Villa Aurora fellow), and Bettina Wackernagel (Artistic Director, Heroines of Sound Festival).

Visual Arts

In the Visual Arts section, the jury selected Viktoria Binschtok (Connection, 2022), Maroan el Sani & Nina Fischer ("The Alchemy of Clouds - Art, Activism and Splitting Communities", 2021), Annika Kahrs ("Infra Voice", 2018) for grants in 2022. The jury selected Janine Eggert and Anke Voelk from the applicants for the grants from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. The artists Antje Majewski and Paul Hutchinson will catch up on part of their stay due to corona.

The jury in the visual arts section included Jens Asthoff (author and freelance critic, among others for "Artforum" and "Kunstforum"), Stephan Berg (Kunstmuseum Bonn), Anne-Marie Bonnet (Art History Institute of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn), Stef Heidhues, Anette Hüsch (Kunsthalle zu Kiel) and Gabriele Knapstein (Hamburger Bahnhof).

Partner Scholarships

An additional scholarship goes to Berlin-based musician Ebow, whose scholarship is funded by Musicboard Berlin. She was selected in a separate selection process in July.

Partner Scholarships (Kopie)

The application deadline for fellowships in 2024 is March 30, 2023. Further information on the application process and conditions, as well as application documents, will be available at in the beginning of October.

The residency program at Villa Aurora is funded by the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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