Events | Concert ECLECTIC SALON: Helmut Oehring [CANCELED]

Los Angeles, Villa Aurora | March 19, 2020 | 7:30 PM

Concert ECLECTIC SALON: Helmut Oehring

The emotional center of gravity of my music is located in the philosophical superstructure of the stories I continue to tell in music.

Every human being is connected to all others through an existential bond.

The intellectual positions we humans create transcend time and death.

And Music is the inconsolable narrator. She tells of doubt

And hope, between the interior and the exterior,

Me and You, Yesterday and Today,

Life and Death,

Love and Loss.

Always between the entrancing beauty of life and its devaluation.


Helmut Oehring  was born to deaf-mute parents in East-Berlin in 1961. Self-taught, he started out as a guitarist and composer, however, as a conscientious objector in the GDR, he was barred from attending university. In 1990 he became master student with Georg Katzer at the Academy of the Arts in Berlin, where he is a member today. 

His oeuvre is comprised of over 400, for the most part, audiovisual works of all genres, garnering numerous international awards, such as the Arnold Schoenberg Prize, the Hanns Eisler Prize, the Prometheus Award for Chamber Opera, the Schott Prize and the Musikautoren Prize in the category of musical theater. 

Helmut Oehring has worked with Ruth Berghaus, Claus Guth, Robert Wilson, Peter Greenaway, Maxim Dessau, Daniele Abbado, and Dagmar Manzel. 

His music has been performed in all major European concert houses and internationally in São Paulo, Johannesburg, Yerevan, Istanbul, Seoul, Sydney, Montreal, Bejing, New York, and Cairo. 

The program will include pieces based on the poetry of American poet Anne Sexton (LIVE and The Portrait of a Woman), works referring to Albrecht Dürer and Heinrich Heine and deliver a portrait of the infamous Fred A. Leuchter, U.S. expert in execution technology and Holocaust denier.  

The evening will feature: Helmut Oehring (narrator), Stacey Fraser (Soprano), Nic Gerpe (Piano), Adrianne Pope (Violin), Jennifer Bewerse (Cello), Brian Walsh, (Kontrabassclarinet), Dan Flores (Trumpet). 

Special thanks to Aron Kallay for his support. 

Street parking is available on Los Liones Drive. Shuttle service starts from Los Liones Drive, off Sunset Boulevard two blocks North East of Pacific Coast Highway and is running from 6:30-7:30pm and after the program. Please do not park in the Topanga State Park Lot!

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