News |Call for applications: Thomas Mann Fellowships 2024

The Thomas Mann House in Los Angeles is a lively place for transatlantic debate, where outstanding personalities and innovative thinkers explore fundamental political, social, and cultural issues and concerns facing our world today and in the coming years. The applications for Junior and Senior Fellowships for stays of 3 up to 10 months at the Thomas Mann House are now being accepted. The applicant’s project proposals need to address the following annual theme:

Annual Topic 2024: Democracy and Vulnerability

Democratic processes are dynamic, inclusive, and human-centered but at times also messy, arbitrary, and even contrary to democracy itself. How should a democracy deal with its own vulnerabilities? What are the responsibilities of a democracy toward the most vulnerable in its populace? How do democracies need to evolve to deal successfully with increasing global levels of ecological, geo-political, and economic precarity? How much vulnerability can a democracy endure?

Eligible to apply for a Thomas Mann Fellowship are intellectuals and innovative thinkers from non-academic fields such as culture, politics, media, and business, as well as writers and scholars in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, technology, and economics. Applicants must be people who live or have lived in Germany for an extended period. Possession of German citizenship is not required.

  • Junior Fellowships are aimed at innovative thinkers and intellectuals, who are at the beginning of their career. Applicants must already have a public visibility (e.g., in the form of publications, readings, and lectures).
  • Senior Fellowships are aimed at renowned innovative thinkers and outstanding personalities, who enjoy international recognition in their field. Applicants must have extensive public visibility (e.g., in the form of publications, awards, invitations to public presentations, and relevant media coverage).

As a residency of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Thomas Mann House and its interdisciplinary programs are committed to the spirit of Thomas Mann: During his time in the United States, the writer intensively addressed questions regarding the roots of fascism, democratic renewal, freedom, migration, and exile in his literary works, lectures, and essays.

Along the lines of this socio-political work, the Thomas Mann House today is dedicated to the relevant questions of our time by bringing together German and U.S. stakeholders from different disciplines, intellectual and artistic traditions, and with different political views.

The application form is available at
The application deadline is February 16, 2023.

Fellowships are granted by an independent advisory board appointed by the Board of Trustees of Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e. V.

The Thomas Mann Fellowships are generously supported by the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung, the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung, and the German Federal Foreign Office.

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